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Are stress and acne related? Yes, definitely. You are wondering why? Well, it’s just that our mind and body are one whole. Proven scientific fact.


What is stress?

In the term "stress" we can include everything - but we will treat it as an expression of emotional or physical tension. While most people only associate stress with emotional reasons when talking about acne, it is good to include physical tension as well.


Examples of emotional stress:

• Impatience, excitement

• Conflicts with a close person

• Overloading at work

• Disturbance and worry


Examples of physical stress:

• Regular exercise without the necessary rest

• Shortage of sleep

• Use of alcohol, smoking

• Too active lifestyle


How Does Stress Affect Acne?

Stress intensifies inflammatory processes and causes worsening of acne. The body starts to release a greater amount of the hormone androgen (male hormone), which has a stimulating effect on the function of the sebaceous gland. And that provokes acne.


Activation of the male hormone can explain why women seem to be more affected by acne caused by stress than men. But the boys are vulnerable in another way. Part of the stress-acne is also the so-called "fitness-acne". It is more common in them because of the use of protein supplements to increase muscle mass. Steroids and anabolics, though denied by many athletes, are still being taken for quicker and more impressive results, but greatly worsen acne and make it much harder for treatment.


How to fight stress?

A few quick and easy tips to overcome anxiety and tension.


1. Regular exercise - as long as you don’t overdo it, regular exercise distracts emotional "blockages" and soothes. The so-called "cardio-training" speeds up the heartbeat and gives more oxygen to the brain. If you spend at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes for light exercise, you'll see how movement helps you get rid of emotional problems.


2. Meditation - breathing exercises, popular from yoga, are extremely helpful for relaxation. Between 5 and 15 minutes a day are enough for freshness and tranquility.


3. Sleep - good, regular sleep is the key to normalizing emotional stress and eliminating the accumulated fatigue. According to one of the latest studies of the Sleep Institute in the US, the risk of stress increases by 14% for each hour of sleep lost. For sleep and skincare to be better, it is advisable to keep your room temperature at 22-24C.


The best way to cure acne is to combine professional cosmetics + reduce the levels of stress. Naturally, consistency is very important. Approach your body and mind carefully and caringly and you will see that the results will not be late.


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