Oily Skin



To begin with, guys, we want to tell you that you are super. Yes, you, your best friend, and your brother's girlfriends's brother. You look better than the guys 10 years ago, you dress up cooler, you know more about the world, you've seen more movies, you've been to more concerts. The fact that you are reading this text means that you are not ashamed of taking care of yourself. And that's more than a good start.


Skincare is not among the most popular themes among men, especially when compared to the efforts and means that the other half of humanity spend on their face. It is estimated that on a world scale, men spend about $ 30 billion on cosmetics, including shampoos, shaving foam and deodorants. Women spend ... attention! ... over 90 billion only for skin products - creams, lotions, cleansers, and more. Shampoos, conditioners, nail polish and the like are on top of this colossal amount.


It turns out that men do not care for themselves or simply save money. In all fairness, both have a dose of truth. We are far from the thought to make every boy spend as much as his sister or girlfriend for cosmetic products. This is not at all necessary. The truth is, girls can sharply reduce the amount they pour each month in the drugstore if they are reasonable enough and adhere to a tried and tested daily skincare regime. Instead, they always succumb to the temptation, "Let me try this cream, it smells very nice."


Why a use lot, when you can do with a little?


Skincare is not an expensive, luxurious and unnecessary pleasure, and we are ready to prove it to you.


The beautiful and healthy skin means you will keep your youthful look longer. This definitely increases your chances of a better job and greater interest from the girls. Let’s not lie to ourselves - these are the two main goals in your life, are they not?


Healthy skin is easier to maintain and shave, more difficult to inflame, and rarely have problems with ingrown hairs.


The clean face will help you have a higher level of self-esteem and be more confident, both among your peers and the elderly, on whom, in one way or another, your life.


If you agree with us here, here is how you can achieve optimal results with your face, with only a few products. What you need:


A gentle cleansing product such as Acne Out with Lactic Acid. Use it morning and evening to cleanse the accumulated impurities and sebum on the skin. You will hardly remember it, and it is not even necessary, but we are obliged to explain to you that the lactic acid cleanses the pores in depth without drying the skin and has antimicrobial and hydrating action.


Shaving is a good means of exfoliating the skin, so you do not need an extra product to get rid of the dead cells.


If your skin has more pimples and frequent shaving irritates it, we recommend Acne Out active lotion, whose unique formula affects the sebum secretion effectively, prevents the appearance of blackheads and skin blemishes and includes an antibacterial ingredient with a wide range of actions.


Men are at odds with sunscreen. There is no specific reason or explanation, it’s just no their thing . This ungrounded stubbornness, however, has a very high cost in the long run. The sun is the biggest enemy of the skin and causes wrinkles, pigment spots, freckles and skin cancer. Spare them and use a sunscreen throughout the year, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Yes, even when it's cloudy.


There is no universal solution


This applies to both girls and boys - different skin types require a different type of everyday care.


How to you find out what yours is?


Oily skin - your face shines, there are blackheads or whiteheads, you often have breakouts, your pores are large and usually clogged. Your skin seems oily throughout the day, even if you do not sweat.


Combination skin - the most common type. In the central part, the face is oily, while the cheeks have normal, even slightly dry skin. Around the eyes, the skin is also drier.


Dry skin - this is your type if the surface of the face is uneven, tight and even scaly at some spots. Red areas may appear, especially if you use products that dry it even more. The pores are small and closed, rarely you get pimples and blackheads.


Besides these three main types, we often talk about sensitive skin. Typical of it,               is easy irritation and redness, most products have a bad effect on it rather than help. In such cases, the most important thing is to use very gentle cosmetics without fragrances, and in most cases you should avoid products intended for men because they have heavy flavors and other ingredients that irritate the sensitive skin.



Have we lost you?

Clearly, all this information seems to be distant and confusing, so you will make your life easier if you just visit a dermatologist or cosmetician to tell you what your problem is and what is good for your skin type. It is not shameful, it does not hurt, it will only relieve your wondering what, why and how.


Beards are trendy, but are not for everyone


Hardly in the last decades there has been a period so favorable to men with less ideal skin. The beards are the most trendy male accessory at the moment and have a double action - time you look super cool and hide uneven areas on the skin at the same. You do not have to shave and therefore you irritate the face less, which automatically leads to less pimples.


Girls can only wish they had such an easy solution for them too.

Still, if a beard is not your thing, there is a way to shave regularly without worsening the condition of the pimples.


The best time to shave is immediately after a shower, because then the hairs are softer and the irritation is less. Avoid hot water because it may cause redness and inflammation. It is very important to only use a clean razor so you do not put any additional microbes onto your skin. If you want to spare a product from the bathroom shelf, we suggest you try a shave with Acne Out Oxy Wash, which, besides washing the face, can also be an ideal substitute for shaving foam. It is a cleansing gel with lactic acid and enriched with oxygen – not only does it cleanse the pores and remove dead cells, but also aids skin rejuvenation. That's what we meant, when we were telling you that you do not have to buy endlessly many products to keep your face clean, smooth and without inflammation.


A final reassurance - 9 out of 10 boys are in your shoes and think the whole world is staring at their pimples. There is no such thing. Only 1 out of 10 girls will notice that your face is not perfect. If this one turns out to be the One ... do not worry, there is certainly something else to impress her with for compensation.

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