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Acne sounds terrifying to everyone who has faced this undoubtedly uncomfortable problem. It is not as bad as it may seem to you and with the adequate measures you could fight it successfully.

As a matter of fact, although you might think you are the only one with acne, it is a common condition affecting both men and women of all ages. It is mostly associated with the teenage years but affects millions of people between the age of 20 and 40. Its appearance and development may vary and are strictly individual.

Types of acne according to its development:

In general, acne can be divided into three categories according to its appearance and the damages it causes:

  • Mild acne – characterized by comedones and blackheads. Usually the first appearance of acne is during puberty when the fat cells “wake up” and their secretion increases. Most commonly comedones appear on the nose and forehead. They can be open and closed. The treatment of closed comedones is a little more difficult but as a whole it is relatively mild, without leaving serious damages on the skin.
  • Moderate acne – characterized by the appearance of papules and pustules. Papules and pustules are red pimples. Unlike pustules, papules contains no visible pus. They can appear not only on the face but also on the back and the upper parts of the arms. Sometimes after treatment there are concave scars left.
  • Severe acne – besides papules and pustules, there are sinuses, cysts and nodules. This includes acne conglobata, inverse and nodular acne which are painful and their treatment is long and difficult. Severe types of acne typically affect men and can appear on the face, as well as in the area of the back, chest and backside.

Types of acne according to its cause:

  • Hormonal acne – the most common cause for acne is the increased production of androgenic hormones which leads to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. This is characteristic of both adolescents entering puberty and of people over age 25, usually for women, but it is also possible for children and babies.
  • Contact acne – it includes cosmetic acne caused by the use of greasy creams and hair products.
  • Bodybuilding acne – this type can also be counted for hormonal acne because it develops due to the usage of androgenic steroids or to a therapy with androgenic hormones.
  • Acne Mechanica – it is triggered by external factors that mechanically impact the skin. It is most common among athletes and musicians who experience a continuous contact of the skin with different accessories – hats, headbands, musical instruments.


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