Acnaut Active Cream

30 ml Active Care
  • Effectively treats imperfections
  • Removes excessive sebum secretion
  • Slightly mattifies
  • Does not cause photosensitivity
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The active cream quickly treats oiliness and prevents the appearance of imperfections and clogged pores. Delicately exfoliates and mattifies the skin. Contains vitamins A and E, which have an antioxidating effect and stimulate cellular regeneration. Effective even with prolonged use.
Does not cause photosensitivity.

Suitabale for:

oily skin with visible imperfections and clogged pores
face and body

aqua, paraffinum liquidum, cetearyl alcohol, peg-30 lanolin, peg-75 lanolin, rosa damascena flower water, niacinamide, glycerin, dimethicone, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium edta, parfum, limonene, citronellol, geraniol, linalool

Active Ingredients

  • PASC – non-antibiotic complex with a wide array of applications
  • Niacinamide/vitamin B3 – helps keep skin healthy, has a beneficial effect on various skin infections and improves blood circulation
  • Retinyl palmitate/vitamin A – has a nourishing, refreshing and rejuvenating effect; stimulates and activates cellular regeneration, enhances collagenogenesis in the skin
  • Vitamin E – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action; increases the protective function of the skin and reduces transepidermal water loss; improves its elasticity
  • Glycerin – softens, moisturizes and increases the elasticity of the skin, protects it from drying out and increases its protective function
  • Rosa Damascena flower water – organic toning and moisturizing rose water from one of the most valuable fragrant roses
  • Methenamine - a broad-spectrum antibacterial ingredient


Apply a thin layer of cream in the morning and evening on washed and well-dried skin, but only on the problem areas of the face, back or neck.

Wait at least 10-15 minutes if you want to apply moisturizer or makeup after the active cream.