Oily Skin


Welcome to the vicious circle 9 out of 10 girls are in - the more pimples, the more makeup to hide them. The more makeup on the pimples, the more pimples under the makeup. And what do we do now? We take a deep breath and begin to read carefully what is written about the powder, the foundation, the lipstick, the shadows, and all the other weapons we use to be stunningly beautiful and irresistible.


Let's start from the fact that acne is an inflammation that happens deep in the skin. Its main cause is hormonal imbalances in the body and whether you will have acne does not depend on whether you put makeup or not. Makeup alone cannot be the culprit for pimples. But there are certain ingredients in individual products that worsen acne and undoubtedly lead to breakouts. That's why it's important to know them and avoid them.      


Choose non-comedogenic products. What does this mean? If the product says "non-comedogenic", its formula should not contain ingredients that clog the pores and therefore do not predispose to the appearance of pimples or blackheads.


Avoid cosmetics with deeply penetrating oils. Especially if you have oily, acne-prone skin. Lanolin and fatty acids, which are a common ingredient in some lotions and sunscreens, are among the most powerful acne provocators. If you choose a base or foundation, look for isopropyl myristate among the ingredients. They include it in order for the product to spread easily on the skin, but it absorbs so deeply that it is among the ingredients of solvents of rust. Should we explain that it has no place on your face?


No fragrance, no cry

Non-fragranced products are always preferred. Not all aromas irritate the skin and cause more pimples, but we recommend you safe-bet and when you have a choice, always prefer makeup and cosmetics that do not have added fragrancing agents. If the label is in English, "fragrance-free" is preferable to "unscented". The second may mean that there are added fragrances to mask the smell of other ingredients.


More shine in the eyes, less on the eyelids

The mineral-based shades can have a brilliant effect, both literally and figuratively, but not always the ingredients contained in them are safe. Avoid those on whose packaging it states "mica" or "muscovite". Similarly, many of the red shades in makeup can be on a tar base, which is certainly extremely comedogenic. Instead, search for labels that include "carmine". This is a natural color, which should not cause a breakout.


Liquid, not solid

The more solidified a cosmetic product, the more likely it is to provoke acne. The hardness and density of makeup is achieved by the addition of various resins and other hardening agents (polyethylene or ethylhexyl palmitate that clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing. Powders or gels are much gentler and always preferable, and for oily skin - mandatory.


"Decorated like a Christmas tree"

You do not want to hear it about yourself, do you? When your skin isn’t perfect, the temptation to cover it with a thick layer of all kinds of cosmetics and makeup is immense. Try to find balance by hiding the problem areas on the face with a powder, gel-based foundation or concealer, without sealing the face from top to bottom with several layers of complexion evening products. In the long run, your face will reward you with a more fresh and youthful look.


Keep your eyes safe

Beware with the eyecream, if you use one. As the skin around the eyes is more delicate, creams for this area are thicker and heavier than other moisturizing agents. But once applied around the eyes, this cream easily affects the adjacent areas and may have a comedogenic effect. Apply it carefully and especially scarcely.


Your hair hinders you

In the sense, that what you put on your hair, should not at all touch the skin on your face. Carefully cover your face when you spray your hair and avoid having any hair products on your hair line. If you go to the gym or practice other sports - there should be nothing on your hair because sweat will make it go down your face.  Afterwards, as you wipe the sweat with a towel you will rub it on your skin and ... shame for all your efforts to be tight and beautiful.


Bathing after sport is implied, but cleansing of the skin and hair is often missed. It’s not the first time we have explained that sweating worsens acne. But sweating plus melted makeup, gel and so on products on the skin equals absolutely a highway to a breakout. Is that necessary?


Oh, that mouth ...

The pimples have no place around your beautiful lips, but occasionally they appear uninvited right there. Why? The cause most likely is in the lipstick, balm or lip gloss you use. Often there are comedogenic ingredients such as wax or petroleum-based products. The rule is that the more shine they give, the more likely they are to clog the pores around the mouth.



Hopefully we've been helpful and guided you to better navigate where, how much and what to put on your face, so that the result is a more beautiful and fresh face, not just masking the problems. Good luck, you can handle it for sure!

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Oily Skin
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Oily Skin

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