Proper skincare VS the most common mistakes people make!

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If you suffer from acne than you probably already have your own skincare regime. We, however, are here to help you find the best way to deal with your problems, so here is a list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to skincare. From over caring, through home treatment to lack of persistence ... they are all easy to overcome and key to good results.


Inconsistent treatment


The heavier the acne, the slower the results will be seen. This is the main reason why so many people prematurely terminate their treatment. In some cases the acne will get worse before it gets better despite your best efforts, medication and treatments.


It’s important to know that most of the products available are preventive and meant to diminish the risk of acne not to treat the symptoms.


Incorrect treatment 


The wrong choice of products can not only be ineffective but also harmful. It’s extremely important to study the ingredients and read the label. First of all, you must consider your skin type and your age as most of the acne products are designed for younger skin.


You must only trust proven medical cosmetic brands and avoid products that are not stated as non- comedogenic or alcohol and fat free.


If you are using more than one skin product at the same time you must wait for a while between applications.

Exfoliating too much and excessive cleansing


Too much care and fixation on your problem skin can be as bad as doing nothing at all. Too often and over excessive exfoliation can lead to irritation, ulceration and spreading the infection.

After all, if you prefer to exfoliate at home choose gentle products and don’t use them more often than once a week. Even so, try to do this in periods when your skin is as soothed as possible.

Over-cleansing is also not recommended. It might lead to dryness, over sensitivity and irritation. It’s enough to do it twice a day with a suitable product. But whatever you do make sure you wash your hands before touching your face.


Lack of moisturizing


It’s a myth that drying your skin will fix your acne. In fact moisturizing is the most important condition for healthy skin. The more hydrated the skin, the more open the pores, which is an important factor for the prevention and treatment of acne.


Sun exposure


It’s a common belief that prolonged sun exposure will even out your tan, make scarring less visible, and even get rid of the acne. Even though there might be positive short-term effect, the consequences will not be pleasant. Too much sun especially without sunscreen can cause dehydration, pigmentation, make the acne scarring more visible, stimulate production of sebum and clog the pores. Sunscreen with a high SPF is a must any time of the year.




Self-administered treatment is one is the worst things people with heavy acne can do to themselves. Don’t trust any recommendation be it from friends, because this can lead to undermining the individual characteristics of acne. And there are a lot of them – genetics, the condition and the type of the skin problem.


As much as you like natural remedies don’t overdo homemade facial masks. Some of the ingredients can cause allergic reactions, for example: eggs, honey, lemons, strawberries, etc. 




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Oily Skin
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Oily Skin
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Oily Skin

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